by Samuel K.



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Great place for shabu shabu on a cold winter day! We had reservations for a party of 7 and we were seated in a private room. I got their premium beef shabu for $14.99. A huge platter of fresh veggies, a few dumplings, glass noodles, an egg and a hot dog link. The amount of beef was disappointing. I could've easily eaten 3 servings of this beef. That's a shame because the beef was super tender and flavorful.  FYI, wait till they bring your sauce to you before you add the ingredients into the hot pot. They make the dipping sauce for you based on the level of spiciness. I got mine medium spicy and it was perfect. Full of flavor and spice, with small chunks of raw green peppers and garlic.  At the end, I ordered a side of udon($1.99) to finish off my meal.

There was a service button in our room and within a few seconds of pressing it, a server appeared and took excellent care of us. No problems there.  A solid shabu shabu joint.