by Lauren H.



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I've been here a couple of times and I've enjoyed both times. There's another location off of satellite blvd. with the same name, (not sure if they're affiliated with one another). They offer a lunch special on weekdays. $10.99 for regular beef platter which includes a plate of mixed veggies and glass noodles and a plate of thinly sliced beef. The way shabu shabu works is they give you a pot of broth and you cook your food in it. It's basically like asian style fondue.

They have a sauce bar that you use to accompany your meats/veggies. They offer to make the sauce here for you. You can either get mild, spicy or really spicy. I like my sauce somewhere in between spicy and really spicy. You can either order items a la carte but I like to order the platters for the variety.  The service here is good.  There's a call button at every table if you need your server for any reason but the servers are pretty attentive so I didn't have to use the button either time I've dined here. I'll definitely be back!