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At Gom, everyone gets the same veggies and fishcakes, but you pick the main meat you want in your soup.  I had clam and beef and it was so good!  The meat is usually frozen and sliced very thin so it cooks up quickly.  If you like rare meat, don't hold it  in there more than 5 seconds!  You can also order "side" items like hand made green noodles or sides of any of the meats and veggies offered if you want more stuff to eat.  I don't know why you'd need that seeing as the portions are very big here to begin with!  I would definitely go for those hand made noodles though, they are awesome!

If you've never done shabu shabu before, this is a really great place for a first timer to go!  The staff are helpful (if a bit rushed) and will show you what to do if you're feeling intimidated.  It's also a very attractive dining room; warm, comfortable, and modern without being obnoxious.