Gom ShabuShabu

by Food Near Snellville

Service was good. The restaurant had a family feel to it, because staff were of all ages. Nice place to have Korean style shabu shabu or hot pot. Highly Recommended.

  • Q: by Urbanspoon

    The food comes with a dipping sauce and the sauce is good. I asked for more about half way through my meal. I enjoyed it a lot. The vegetables were great, the sauce excellent and to be able to finely control what I eat a godsend. You don't get the polished table show that you might at a fine Japanese nabemono restaurant but the spirit of this place delivers a lighter, more breezy approach to an old favorite.  -by Urbanspoon

  • Q: by Food Near Snellville

    Service was good. The restaurant had a family feel to it, because staff were of all ages. Nice place to have Korean style shabu shabu or hot pot. Highly Recommended.

  • Q: by Blissful Glutton

    The food was light and healthy–a nice change from the sauce-heavy Korean BBQ we were headed to eat. The meat, while not a heaping portion, was quite nice and fresh tasting. On my way out, I spied spring rolls made with bulgogi at the table next to us and kicked myself for missing that menu item. The staff was very friendly and we both agreed that we would come back if we were in the area. I was redeemed.

  • Q: by yelp

    At Gom, everyone gets the same veggies and fishcakes, but you pick the main meat you want in your soup.  I had clam and beef and it was so good!  The meat is usually frozen and sliced very thin so it cooks up quickly.  If you like rare meat, don't hold it  in there more than 5 seconds!  You can also order "side" items like hand made green noodles or sides of any of the meats and veggies offered if you want more stuff to eat.  I don't know why you'd need that seeing as the portions are very big here to begin with!  I would definitely go for those hand made noodles though, they are awesome!

    If you've never done shabu shabu before, this is a really great place for a first timer to go!  The staff are helpful (if a bit rushed) and will show you what to do if you're feeling intimidated.  It's also a very attractive dining room; warm, comfortable, and modern without being obnoxious. 

  • Q: by Samuel K.

    Great place for shabu shabu on a cold winter day! We had reservations for a party of 7 and we were seated in a private room. I got their premium beef shabu for $14.99. A huge platter of fresh veggies, a few dumplings, glass noodles, an egg and a hot dog link. The amount of beef was disappointing. I could've easily eaten 3 servings of this beef. That's a shame because the beef was super tender and flavorful.  FYI, wait till they bring your sauce to you before you add the ingredients into the hot pot. They make the dipping sauce for you based on the level of spiciness. I got mine medium spicy and it was perfect. Full of flavor and spice, with small chunks of raw green peppers and garlic.  At the end, I ordered a side of udon($1.99) to finish off my meal.

    There was a service button in our room and within a few seconds of pressing it, a server appeared and took excellent care of us. No problems there.  A solid shabu shabu joint.

  • Q: Kay K.

    This is one of my favorite restaurants.  I've been coming here for number of years, and I've found their quality of food consistent and fresh every time.

    If you've not tried shabu shabu, which is a food cooking derivative from Mongolia, you'll find the experience refreshing and entertaining.  To help sustain their nomadic like style Mongolians sliced their meat extra thin and cooked in its own broth with vegetables to cook them faster and keep them tender.

  • Q: by Jang C.

    Gom Shabu Shabu is a Korean hot pot place. They work like the other hotpot-like places around the area.

    When you order, you get a plate of nappa, red cabbage, hotdog, tofu, dduk, fish cakes, noodles, egg, corn, mushrooms, bok choy, squash, broccoli, and other vegetables. 

    Like everyone said, their premium beef is good. it's fresh and tastes good. You have to swish it around a few seconds in the hot broth to have it cooked to perfection. You shouldn't leave it in the broth too long or it will overcook.

    The broth seems like chicken broth. But I'm not sure about that. It has a nice taste. We just add some of the sauces from the sauce bar to kick it up a notch.

    The service was good. They didn't seem too friendly, but they were in a hurry and efficient. You ring the door bell to beckon the servers. And they seem fast to respond. 

    You can choose to make the sauce yourself or have the employees make it. I chose to make it myself. They didn't have much sauces to offer. They had chili oil, garlic, cilantro, ponzu, seafood sauce, ketchup, Sriracha, and others. Unfortunately, a few of the containers weren't labeled. So I didn't know what they were. But they looked like soy sauce and other.

  • Q: by Lauren H.

    I've been here a couple of times and I've enjoyed both times. There's another location off of satellite blvd. with the same name, (not sure if they're affiliated with one another). They offer a lunch special on weekdays. $10.99 for regular beef platter which includes a plate of mixed veggies and glass noodles and a plate of thinly sliced beef. The way shabu shabu works is they give you a pot of broth and you cook your food in it. It's basically like asian style fondue.

    They have a sauce bar that you use to accompany your meats/veggies. They offer to make the sauce here for you. You can either get mild, spicy or really spicy. I like my sauce somewhere in between spicy and really spicy. You can either order items a la carte but I like to order the platters for the variety.  The service here is good.  There's a call button at every table if you need your server for any reason but the servers are pretty attentive so I didn't have to use the button either time I've dined here. I'll definitely be back!

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